Upcoming Webinars

Adding User Accounts & Protecting Pages

Adding User Accounts & Protecting Pages
Date: Tuesday, Oct 13, 2020
Time: 3:00-4:00 PM CDT (1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EST)
Learn how to add users, assign user levels, and how to keep sensitive information hidden from the public.

Start Here if You are New

Start Here if You are New
Date: Thursday, Oct 22, 2020
Time: 7:00-8:00 PM CDT (5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST)
This webinar will help beginners understand how to get started with the basic skills of editing pages, adding links, placing images, and adding events.

Live Streaming for Beginners

Live Streaming for Beginners
Date: Tuesday, Nov 10, 2020
Time: 3:00-4:00 PM CDT (1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EST)
In this webinar, we will look at what it takes to live stream Facebook or YouTube. We’ll look at options for equipment, software, and platforms to help you excel!

Most Recent Webinar

The Complete Guide to Adding Links on Your Website
Lonny Nelson & In this video, we examine how to add links to every part of your website. Linking text, linking images, creating buttons, and linking to documents are just a few of the things we will explore.


Archived Webinars

Adding Media to Your Website
Cody Moser & Lonny NelsonLearn how to use the new Media Collection to engage visitors and members on your new Adventist Church Connect website. Discover the simplicity and beauty that makes the Media Collection powerful.


All About Analytics
Lonny Nelson & Cody MoserFor the administrator that prefers to know how visitors find and get around your website, This webinar is for you! We’ll show you how to use Analytics to build a better website experience for your visitors as you learn about them too.


All about Content Security - What You Need to Know
Lonny Nelson & Cody MoserDiscover ways to protect your content to help keep you legal and safe. We’ll look at user levels, content, pages, and more to see how to secure and protect your website.


Building Galleries & Forms
Lonny Nelson & Cody MoserLearn how to build and use beautiful Photo Galleries and powerful Forms to engage visitors and get feedback.


Creating Custom Collections - Advanced Users
Lonny Nelson & Cody MoserIn this webinar, we look further into creating your own custom collection. This webinar is for advanced users that have a basic understanding of setting up custom collections. This webinar involves working with HTML, CSS, and Twig.


Creating Custom Collections - Intermediate Users
Lonny Nelson & Cody MoserDiscover how to add powerful functionality with ready to use “Custom Collections” like Daily Devotionals, Prayer Requests, and Directories.


Creating Effective Calendar Events
Lonny Nelson & Cody MoserLearn all the in's and out's of working with your calendar on the new 3.0 system.


Customizing Your Theme
Cody Moser & Lonny NelsonDiscover how easy it is to customize any theme. Learn how to modify the carousel and feature buttons fast and easy. You will also see how to change the coloration of your theme.


Email Newsletters - The Why & How
Lonny Nelson & Cody MoserIn this Webinar, we discuss newsletters as an option for effectively communicating with your audience and the best practices for utilizing newsletters.


Good Habits for Effective Images
Cody Moser & Lonny NelsonAvoid the pitfalls of adding images to your site. We’ll talk about copyright issues and help you find image resources that can help you look professional. We’ll also look at how to properly size carousel images.


Harness the Power of Social Media
Lonny Nelson & Cody MoserConnecting your website and social media has never been easier! In this webinar, we will look at how to use your church's social media and website to create an integrated communication strategy.


Help People Find You - Search Engine Optimization
Lonny Nelson & Cody MoserThe Center for Online Evangelism joins our team to show how to easily help would be visitors to find your website and connect with you. Our expert guests have tips and ideas you can start using immediately.


How to Reach People and Grow Your Ministry in This Smart Phone, Digital Age
Cody Moser & Lonny NelsonIn this video Jason Hanson shares how to get members and community to connect with your church or school online presence. Jason will give you practical & easy tools you can use immediately. Here is what you will discover: - You will learn new online tactics that evangelize, promote your events and reach more people for Christ. - You will find several simple steps you can take to help your organization rank higher in search. - You will learn inexpensive and effective ways to increase website traffic. - You will find out how your potential visitors/students are now getting their information in order to make a decision like "where should I go to Church" or "schooling options for the children". - This is for YOU, we will take time to answer your specific questions.


Live Streaming on a Budget
Lonny Nelson & Cody MoserIn this webinar, we will look at what it takes to live stream your church service or special events on a budget. We’ll look at several low-cost options for equipment, software, and services.


Managing Pages and Custom Domains in ACC 3.0
Cody Moser & Lonny NelsonLearn how to add custom domains, create and manage pages, and update your site's navigation.


Navigation Tips to Help Your Visitors
Lonny Nelson & Cody MoserIn this webinar, we will look at page management and how to help your visitors find what they need. What is essential for good Navigation? This is the question we answer.


The Building Blocks of Your 3.0 Website
Cody Moser & Lonny NelsonDiscover how Blocks make it easy to add and update content on your new Adventist Church Connect 3.0 website.


The Powerful “List Block”
Lonny Nelson & Cody MoserTake a deeper dive into the power of the list block. We will be looking at how it pulls pages, calendar events, and rss feeds.


Your Website Settings From A to Z
Lonny Nelson & Cody MoserDiscover your websites’ various settings and the functionality they add. We’ll look at spam control, Social Media Links, organizing Navigation, and much more.