Adding a page

You will undoubtedly need to add more pages to your website. There are a couple ways to add new pages to your website.


The first way is to create a new child page of the current page you are on.  Simply click the Create link on the blue Admin Bar across the top of your website.

Add Page:

For the second method of creating a page, you will need to start from Pages found in the dark grey Admin Menu running down the left side of your screen. Then click the blue Add Page button near the upper right corner of that page.

Page Type:

Next, you will need to choose a Page Type. This will determine what kind of information you will place on the page. You will find that there are several page types.

  • Page - The Page page type creates an editable web page that can can accept text, Images, Links, and lots more content.
  • Blog - The Blog page type is specific to adding content automatically from the Blog when ever it is updated.
  • Calendar - The Calendar page type adds a full calendar that is edited from the Events Collection.
  • Media - The Media page type allows you to automatically add all media directly from the Media Collection.
  • Store - The Store page type will show that items that you have for sale via the Store Collection.
  • Forwarder - The Forwarder page type allows you to send a visitor directly to a different page within your site or another website.


The next step is to select a Layout for the new page. Your choice of Layout will affect the basic appearance of the page; if is uses the carousel, if it has a side column, etc. The icons can be a bit confusing unless you know how to interpret them. This is not a complete list but it does include the most common layouts:

Open (white) header boxes allow for you to add "Featured Images" in the page settings that show in the Header of the page.

Closed boxes represent areas that do not allow for  "Featured Images". The theme will have a background color and typically a title that shows.

Larger boxes with arrows (<  >) to indicate a carousel. This would be a home page layout with a carousel.


Add your title and any content you wish. Click the blue Publish button in the upper right corner of the web page.

Parent Page:

To make this page show as a main navigation item set the parent page to "Home" otherwise you you will want to choose any other editable page of your website to be the parent

Edit and Publish:

Finally, you can "Publish" the page at any time. Edit the page to add and modify any content just as you would any other page. Learn more about editing >>